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Kisan Mattresses was established in the year 2011 by Mr. S. M. Balamurugan. At Kisan Mattresses, we look to our mantra to make fine mattresses: never settling and continually making progress toward enhancement. We proceed to improve and search out better answers for one's sleep. Furthermore, on the grounds that we fabricate mattresses as though these mattresses were for our own utilization, we trust our hearts are in the correct place to convey quality.

We, the general population behind Kisan Mattresses, highly esteem utilizing quality parts to amass our mattresses in-house. Utilizing state of the art machinery, we influence our own foam so we to can convey the experience of extravagant softness, we make our very own springs that help the body to rest finely when one sleeps, and we don't pick anything yet the best textures for manufacturing our mattress. So rest guaranteed there's a mattress for you from our collection that is gladly made by us.

A great mattress is needed for a happy sleep. We spend such an extensive amount of our lives sleeping and a decent night's rest is fundamental to a new, invigorated day! Each layer of characteristic latex, adaptable foam, high-thickness foam or other materials and textures utilized for our mattresses are fastidiously chosen from everywhere throughout the world. They are produced to the required determination for the reasonableness of different sleeper groups. They are intended to stretch out health benefits to clients amid their sleep.

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Kisan Mattresses


Our main goal is to improve your life, and an extraordinary life starts with the ideal night's sleep. Continuous hours of peaceful and uninterrupted rest will give you the vitality you have to get past occupied days. So sleep better in our awesome mattresses creations.

Our mission is to structure a product, you will all consuming, instant adoration and feel. We've devoted ourselves to the mission of giving better rest at reasonable costs. Continually taking a stab at client service brilliance and user experience.

Kisan Mattresses